J.S. Acker Scholarship Program

The J. S. Acker Musical Showcase Committee is pleased to be able to invite music teachers to nominate a maximum of six of their students for scholarships each year.  The applications will be mailed by May 1 or may be printed out from this website.  Teachers may sign up for the mailing list via the short form on line or call (928) 778-5460 and leave their name and mailing address..

Only COMPLETE applications

will be considered for scholarship awards. 

This means the parent/student portion

and the teacher portion.


    One scholarship will be awarded per student.




Applications are due April 1st and may be mailed to the Committee at

P. O. Box 12677, Prescott, AZ 86304 or they may be scanned and emailed to ackernight@gmail.com


Scholarships will be awarded on May 1st

Applications will be Mailed to the Teachers  on our mailing list by 
March 1st
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