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Acker Committee members

Produced solely  by volunteers, Acker Night was created to fulfill
the wishes of benefactor and Prescott resident  James S. Acker.​

​"All the residue of my estate...I give to the City of Prescott to be used for parks and for promotion of music, particularly for children"

J.S. Acker 1865-1955​

President - Scott Currey

Vice President  - Steve Acker

Secretary - Jill Currey

Treasurer - Cindy DeFiore

Administrative Director - Laura West 

Scholarship Award Officer - Meredith Hughes

Student Liaison Director - Tania Higgins

Print Program Manager - Glenda Vandergalien

Tip Bag Manager - Sandy Moss

Web Master & media manager - Steve & Kelli Acker

Staff Photographer - Kelli Acker


District Managers

District 1
Phil & Linda Acker

District  2
Chuck & Emma Thomas

District  3
Steve & Kelli Acker

District  4
Judy & Andy Switanek

District  5

Laura West

Day of Acker Night help:

Audio Engineer   - Ted Leonard

Stage Managers  - Steve Acker/ Kent Eaton

Santa & Mrs. Claus - Bill & Suellen Dicker


As you probably know nonprofit organizations could not survive without the help of the community. Our board of volunteers make this happen by bringing their extra time, talents and love for music to our table.  Thank you to all our volunteers. You make it happen!!!
New volunteers are always welcome. Go to our Volunteer Page to Contact us and let us know what you would like to do to help.
Areas of service are production, promotion, day of event, or your business trade.
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