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Become an Acker Night Volunteer!

Learn about Acker Night Volunteer Opportunities  

Thank you for your interest in being a part of Acker Night. We are so excited to be one of the most loved nights in Prescott. We need reliable people to run a large event like Acker Night. We have over 130 businesses & 1000 performers relying on a team of volunteers to create this event  & pull the whole thing off. 

The list below are of positions available for a successful Acker Night.

If you have the talent, time & desire, please fill out a Volunteer Application online. We would love to hear from you.

The people of Prescott declare that Acker Night is the best night in Prescott, let’s not disappoint them!

A reliable team is essential for having a successful Acker Night!  (Is this You?)

Thank You

Steve Acker

Vice President

Acker Night Committee

District Manager (5 Districts)

The downtown area is broken up into 5 Districts. Each District has a team of two people, often a husband & wife team but not limited to. You are the liaison between the businesses in your area and Acker Night committee. You will be representing Acker Night. Requires excellent communication skills. A lot of walking involved.

Responsibilities include:

  • September – Contact all businesses in the district. Confirm participation for upcoming Acker Night; update contact information on your list.  Preferred: get participation card filled out at that time. Get payment, if possible, at that time.  Leave information letter for business manager or owner.  

  • Explain Acker Night to new businesses in the district. Able to articulate the history and what we are doing for the community.

  • Provide a copy of your notes to the Administrative Director so spreadsheets can be updated, including vacant businesses.

  • Provide information about vacant businesses (location, any contact info available) to Empty Location Manager.

  • Go back to, or call, businesses until you make contact.  Every business is required to “sign up” every year.  There is a sign-up form on the website if preferred.   

  • Approximately November 15 – help with “big” mailing. 

  • Attend all Acker meetings throughout the year. Generally, 6-7 meetings per year.

  • November – Deliver Performer signs throughout district (approximately 2 weeks before event.)

  • Collect any funds or information due from businesses in your district if called by Administrative Director.

  • Day of event - Drop off tip bags to all participating businesses, including “participating sponsor” signs, in your district. Follow up throughout the night of event.

  • Help resolve questions regarding businesses & their performers before and day of event.  

  • Attend all meetings required of a District Manager.

  • Remember, you are the face of Acker Night for the businesses.

  • Estimated volunteer hours required for this passion: Minimum of 20-30 hrs Total, between September to December

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