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Become an Acker Night Volunteer!

Learn about Acker Night Volunteer Opportunities  

Thank you for your interest in being a part of Acker Night. We are so excited to be one of the most loved nights in Prescott. We need reliable people to run a large event like Acker Night. We have over 130 businesses & 1000 performers relying on a team of volunteers to create this event  & pull the whole thing off. 

The list below are of positions available for a successful Acker Night.

If you have the talent, time & desire, please fill out a Volunteer Application online. We would love to hear from you.

The people of Prescott declare that Acker Night is the best night in Prescott, let’s not disappoint them!

A reliable team is essential for having a successful Acker Night!  (Is this You?)

Thank You

Steve Acker

Vice President

Acker Night Committee

Positions and duties available listed below

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District Manager (5 Districts)

The downtown area is broken up into 5 Districts. Each District has a team of two people, often a husband & wife team but not limited to. You are the liaison between the businesses in your area and Acker Night committee. You will be representing Acker Night. Requires excellent communication skills. A lot of walking involved.

Responsibilities include:

  • September – Contact all businesses in the district. Confirm participation for upcoming Acker Night; update contact information on your list.  Preferred: get participation card filled out at that time. Get payment, if possible, at that time.  Leave information letter for business manager or owner.  

  • Explain Acker Night to new businesses in the district. Able to articulate the history and what we are doing for the community.

  • Provide a copy of your notes to the Administrative Director so spreadsheets can be updated, including vacant businesses.

  • Provide information about vacant businesses (location, any contact info available) to Empty Location Manager.

  • Go back to, or call, businesses until you make contact.  Every business is required to “sign up” every year.  There is a sign-up form on the website if preferred.   

  • Approximately November 15 – help with “big” mailing. 

  • Attend all Acker meetings throughout the year. Generally, 6-7 meetings per year.

  • November – Deliver Performer signs throughout district (approximately 2 weeks before event.)

  • Collect any funds or information due from businesses in your district if called by Administrative Director.

  • Day of event - Drop off tip bags to all participating businesses, including “participating sponsor” signs, in your district. Follow up throughout the night of event.

  • Help resolve questions regarding businesses & their performers before and day of event.  

  • Attend all meetings required of a District Manager.

  • Remember, you are the face of Acker Night for the businesses.

  • Estimated volunteer hours required for this passion: Minimum of 20-30 hrs Total, between September to December

Student Liaison Director 

A liaison with PHS Band Booster President

Responsibilities include:

·         Contact High School Band Booster President to recruit Marching Band Members to hold tip bags .        at designated locations during the event.  Explain the task and provide information about how  .           many students are needed and where to gather.

·         Night of event, meet Band Booster President and Band members to pass out tip bags and make    .   sure students understand where their locations are.

·         Collect all student tip bags at end of event.

Estimated volunteer hours required for this passion: under 10hrs Total, between October to   .     `  ..  December.

Tip Bag Manager

Prepare Tip Bags for All districts.

Responsibilities include:

·         Prepare used Tip Bags for delivery  

·         During week of event get a set of “tip bag labels” from Admin. Director, along with current  .           participation list by District.  Arrange for 1 or 2 assistants to:

·         Sort bags by Districts (by street number) Bag labels include Business name and Street .                   address. 

·         Replace lost or damaged bags

·         Bundle bags by district – split up large groups as needed

·         Bring bags to Acker Night by 3:30 for District Managers to distribute

Estimated volunteer hours required for this passion: under 10hrs Total, between November to December


Extra Help the Day of Event 

These are great jobs for an outgoing individual.

  • 4 people (2 first 1/2,  2 second 1/2) to run the Acker Information Booth passing out the Acker Night Programs, & selling our special “Acker Night Scarves.” 

  • 2 people to be available to hand out tip bags / collect tip bags. Must arrive at 4 p.m.

Computer Programmer

We need a custom Data Base that will help match up Venues & Performers 

Print Program Manager

Gather info for Acker Night Program. The liaison to the printer.

Responsibilities include:

·         After matches are announced, continuously update program until cut-off time before  .    .               event.

·         Proofread, deliver & pick up program from printer.

·         Design layout of program with pictures & sponsor logos

·         Provide necessary artwork / pictures to printer.

·         Work with printer on performer signs, keeping up with changes that may come in daily.

·         Distribute Performer Signs to District Managers at meeting.

Estimated volunteer hours required for this passion: under 30hrs Total, 

between November to December.

Empty Location Manager

A list of vacant buildings will be provided by each District Manager in their area.

Responsibilities include:

  • Research & contact vacant building property management for possible use for night event  (These  buildings are usually empty and provide space for larger performing acts).

·    Provide information to District Manager for that given area.

Estimated volunteer hours required for this passion: under 15hrs Total, between September to November.

Terms of Engagement

All new volunteers will be in training the first year. The following year you will be independent from basic supervision. They will have access to assistance from other committee members at all times.

All volunteers must be willing & able to attend all necessary meetings for that position. 

Responsibilities include:

·         Being able to complete tasks in a timely manner, without supervision, & report updates at              .    next meeting.

·         Be professional and upbeat as a representative of the Acker Night Committee.

·         Be willing and able to receive & respond to E Mails and/ or texts promptly.

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