Businesses looking for Performers for Acker Night  

2021 Information

December 10, 2021 – 5:30 – 8:30 pm

Opening Ceremony 5:00 – 5:30 pm

Dear Business Owners – we appreciate all of you who participate in Acker Night over the years and welcome new businesses to our roster.  Your generosity allows us to provide private-lesson scholarships to many of our local youth and grant funds to each school district in the area for their music programs.


We anticipate being able to go back to our usual system for this event this year.  We need to have participation cards returned by October 15th in order to have time to make all the matches necessary and get printing projects finished on time.


The Committee’s intent is to have every business visited in person in early fall.  A card can be filled out at that time or will be left for you to fill in and return by mail.  The other option is to fill in the application here and mail or scan it to us by the deadline.  We need a participation card from every business every year!


The more information you can provide the better for matching.  If you prefer to match yourself with a performer without our help, please let us know as soon as that is confirmed.  We need their contact information as well as the group name.  When we are doing matching, the size of the performance area is very important.  We try to assist businesses with finding the type of music they prefer, or even a particular group.  However, we are not always able to accommodate those requests.


For your donation of $75 you will host performers in your business for 3 hours, have a participation sign listing your performers for your window and be listed in a program that is both printed and available on our website. You will also have many visitors to your business that evening, some for the first time!



 The Acker Committee

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