October 2020

 Businesses looking for Performers for Acker Night  

2020 Information

December 11, 2020 – 5:30 – 8:30 pm

Opening Ceremony 5:00 – 5:30 pm


Last month we were able to survey many of our local businesses and the overwhelming majority agree that a scaled-down Acker Night would be good for Prescott this year.  Most who want to stay open for the event will also host a tip bag. 


If we were not able to connect with you, please reply to this email to let us know if you will stay open AND if so, if you are willing to host a tip bag that evening.


J. S. Acker started a trust specifically to promote the culture of music to our children.  He was also a local business owner.  In 1988 Acker night was started with 8 businesses to honor both aspects of Mr. Acker:  music for children and promotion of downtown Prescott businesses.


Here’s what we are planning for this year.

Montezuma Street will be closed by the City.  Our initial plan for that area is:

            3 regular food tents

            Acker Stage – for opening ceremony and local choirs if available

            Dance troupes


Due to Covid-19 we do not plan to place music groups inside businesses.  Therefore, we do not expect to collect the usual annual $75 donation; however, we would welcome that!  Some that we surveyed wish to still have music groups – Laura will have our master list handy and you may contact her at 928-778-5460 if you need assistance finding out how to get in touch with a group you’ve enjoyed in the past or to discuss potential groups from our list.  If you choose to get a music group, please inform us about who will be playing so we can include them in the program.


We also plan to place dancers/musicians on the stage area of the Courthouse Plaza as well as in front of the Cortez Street steps of the Courthouse Building.   We will look at other outdoor venues to utilize if we have musicians who are interested in playing outdoors.


If Covid protocol permits, the Vacant Lot at Goodwin and Montezuma will host Santa Claus, and an outdoor musician. 


Our program will consist of a list of the businesses staying open for the event along with the name of their musician(s).  It will be posted on our website and in the Daily Courier to encourage the public to not only enjoy the music performances but to also get some Christmas Shopping done. 


Last year we were able to award 57 private-lesson scholarships to local youth and we are striving to keep the music alive with this great tradition.

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